Greater Visibility - Optimal Decision Making

Model capacity, forecast demand, plan operations, manage orders and handle disruptions – all with the power of ketteQ on Salesforce and AWS. 

Why Choose ketteQ

Speed to Value with SFDC & AWS Cloud Platforms

Faster deployments with an architecture built on the leading cloud platform providers

Advanced Science to Drive Better & Faster Decisions

AI & ML analytics running on parallel processing, designed by domain and technology experts.

Flexibility to Address Unique Needs, Budgets & Roadmap to Value

Salesforce apps and objects, and AWS tools, configured to address any use case.

Decision-Grade Data

Plan for, act on and optimize Supply Chain decision making with ketteQ. With decades of experience in supply chain process optimization, the ketteQ team built the only supply chain planning and automation platform on Salesforce to strengthen the “S” in S&OP.

ketteQ seamlessly integrates sales opportunities and order history with inventory, production capacity and all other relevant information for real time visibility into the past, present and future: a true 360-degree view of the entire supply chain for lightning-fast business planning, automation and execution.

With ketteQ, a Global Semi-Conductor Brand Witnessed the Following

Increased Profits
0 %
Improvement in Data Accuracy
Improved Overhead
Risk By


Inventory Reduction in Two Months
Optimized Demand Forecasting by
0 %
Automated MI / ML Algorithms

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