The world's only digital supply chain planning & automation platform built on Salesforce for maximum visibility, agility & efficiency.

Supply Chains Are Evolving, What About Your Control Tower?

Enables faster & more profitable decision making

Streamlines manual processes & reduces human error

Optimizes KPIs such as revenues, profit margins, inventory costs & customer service levels

Making data-driven decisions has never been easier.

ketteQ’s first-of-its-kind intelligent control tower leverages advanced technologies such as AI and Machine Learning (ML) to transform the supply chain and align financial, sales and marketing objectives. 

Through the use of prescriptive and predictive analytics, the platform simulates “what-ifs,” analyzes the impact, and recommends the best course of action or actually takes the action needed to prevent issues and/or optimize results.

A truly next-gen platform, data integration and reconciliation across multiple systems is a breeze. Perform bi-directional real-time integration with existing ERP, WMS, TMS and other functional specific systems. Whether the solution in question is SAP or Oracle, ketteQ easily integrates with popular systems utilizing pre-built or standard APIs and connectors.  

ketteQ users can expect orchestration and synchronization across functions, organizations, systems and data. 


Impact Organizational Areas

Financial Analytics

KetteQ aligns data from your existing ERP, supply chain management and CRM systems to deliver actionable insights that improve financial predictability and performance. Machine learning techniques are used to analyze gaps in actual versus target KPIs across different segments of the business and market.

Risk Management

KetteQ’s predictive analytics and automated alerts deliver new perspectives and identify potential issues that require analysis, decision and action. Management and Demand Shaping tools simplify the process of driving opportunities with the highest probability of closing and best contribution to reaching the financial targets. Executives identify and promote the best demand mix to achieve the right balance between conflicting KPIs such inventory levels, on-time deliveries, margins or quarterly revenue recognition.

Revenue Guidance

Our Demand Sensing technology delivers accurate and collaborative forecasts that leverage multiple data sources to calculate and predict demand based on history, downstream data, closed and pending opportunities and / or other demand signals from any number of sources throughout the value chain, industry or marketplace. With ketteQ, CFOs can eliminate those quarterly or annual surprises that run counter to an efficient business operation.