Plan for the now & thrive in the future with lightning-fast integration & a 360-degree view of decision-grade data to resolve global supply chain disruptions.

Sales & Operations Planning

Match Supply With Demand
ketteQ's hyper-automated, real-time integration provides end-to-end supply chain visibility of decision-grade data. Built on Salesforce, ketteQ is the only comprehensive planning solution that seamlessly synchronizes sales forecasts and orders with available inventory and capacity for the most accurate plan to improve order fulfillment, increase fill rates, drive sales & productivity while reducing expediting costs & obsolescence.

Demand Planning

Maximize Revenue
ketteQ is not only secure and scalable but easily integrates with an organization's ERP, CRM, TMS and any other data sources to deliver connected intelligence across every department.

ketteQ's demand planning is the only solution that integrates sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, open orders, demand history and external data sources to significantly improve forecast accuracy and insights.

Capacity & Production Planning

Optimize Costs
Maximize manufacturing efficiency & productivity with real-time company-wide visibility to inventory, production capacity & raw material constraints. Proactively prepare for unanticipated bottlenecks with intelligent scenario management to increase planner productivity & skyrocket sales revenue.

Control Tower

Improve Visibility
A truly next-gen platform, ketteQ’s Control Tower provides a single source of truth that delivers unparalleled real-time visibility of decision-grade data from all sources, with management tools & notifications to make fully-informed, smart decisions at any point from any location. Decision-making has never been easier from this vantage point!

Revenue Planning

Minimize Risk
CFOs want to make data-informed decisions in real-time. ketteQ reconciles sales data from Salesforce and other CRM systems with financial and supply chain data to align business functions and to better set and meet financial projections and KPIs.

Replenishment Planning

Reduce Inventory & Increase Service Levels
Automatically define the best balance between inventory, sales and service levels to reduce
inventory and drive customer services levels up through increased fill rates and reduced order fulfillment time.

Supplier Collaboration

Faster Response
Remove blind spots in the supply chain and improve supplier collaboration with secure integration into the supplier systems portal. The portal provides complete transparency providing visibility into potential materials or production bottlenecks helping to improve planning, time to resolution and reduce human error.

Order Fulfillment / OTIF

Enhance On-time Delivery
With time-based event tracking, what-if scenarios, simulations, and cross-functional performance measurement – complete with easy-to-use dashboards to stay ahead of global trends and predictions, it’s the easiest way out there to manage and optimize your OTIF performance.

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