Silos–They Aren’t Just for Farmers!

It seems like such a simple thing to do, a relatively easy box to check in the incredibly important task of making sure all of your organization’s trains run on time, yet by and large, data integration is right up there in the top five things most companies ignore. Before you smile and think, “Not us, no data silos here, friend!,” ask yourself, does your sales team leader truly know what the head of the supply chain is looking at, or more importantly, vice versa? What about IT and marketing? If not, fret not, you aren’t alone, but if so, how so? How do your teams share data, and how much time does it take? Be honest, how manual is it? Wouldn’t it be easier and faster for everyone involved if you could see all your pieces of data, anytime, anywhere, automatically? Thanks to ketteQ’s powerful tools for data visibility all along the supply chain (think: Control Tower, customized KPI dashboards, and so much more), you too can realize the power of data integration!

Turning a Cacophony into a Symphony 

For a lot of companies, trying to pull together the sources of all the data under their collective roof feels like trying to tune an orchestra with different instruments playing in different rooms–you know it doesn’t sound right, but it’s hard to figure out exactly which violin is the single point of failure. But the good news is it’s 2021, and you don’t have to live with data in silos anymore–or more accurately, your pieces of data can live in them, but you can get to the point where you and your team can see right through them. Not only that, you can harness the power of hyper automation to synthesize all those data points in real time, meaning you’re always looking at the most accurate single source of truth.

ketteQ solves the data silo problem by giving you a drone-level view of everything on a dashboard with levers you can play with and customizable alerts to tell you immediately and automatically when there’s trouble afoot–or a potential goldmine. For example, if your website sees a big uptick in searches around a specific product not long after the marketing team did a huge awareness campaign for it, wouldn’t several people all throughout the org want to know about it yesterday? Now they can!

(No More) Humans in the Loop?

It’s a controversial opinion, but the main reason we need people in the data loop today is because data is not as integrated as it could or should be, which means that humans are currently filling in those gaps, especially on the analysis front, often through gut feeling rather than actual data points. Every day, there’s more data to orchestrate, more systems to streamline, more processes to automate, and a very real risk that machines might not interpret everything correctly, but with machine learning and the automation it brings, you can pull the human out of the loop. You can get rid of the silos, and you can have the entire band playing from the same sheet of music. 

Because along with more data to orchestrate, more systems to streamline, and more processes to automate, humans can very easily get overwhelmed and make mistakes of their own, which is where ketteQ’s analytics tools shine–they create a superhuman in the loop. Imagine being able to harness the power to orchestrate AND integrate everything you have, in real time or with an eye to the future to predict booms and busts–now we’re talking! If you think it all sounds too good to be true, it’s time to check out what ketteQ brings to the orchestra pit!!

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