Putting Your Back into Backing Up the Backup Plan

By now, you’ve seen and heard a lot about it–and if you’re smart, you’re probably trying to determine if something similar could happen to you, too! Last month’s ransomware attack on the Colonial pipeline caused chaos on multiple fronts, from the company scrambling to get its systems back online to customers dealing with outages along the pipeline’s 5,000-mile span and everything in between. 

It’s not every day that a Russian hacker uses a computer virus to take out the source of nearly half the East Coast’s fuel, but with aging infrastructure in every industry and crafty hackers figuring out a new way to make a fast buck, it’s probably a good day to start thinking about your own points of failure.

Never Break the Chain

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of testing your company’s security–after all, there are literal cottage industries devoted to it, with a whole range of costs and options to figure out exactly where your weaknesses live. Heck, you might even already have at least one C devoted to it! 

But the real core issue is the supply chain itself–if you suffered a major disruption in the chain tomorrow, what’s your backup plan? Can you easily shift production or find a new vendor? What happens if you can’t? 

Agility gets lauded as a worthy goal (and rightly so), but how agile do you need to be? And what’s the cost of that agility–either in having it or, worse, not having it? In other words, when–not if–the chain breaks, what’s it going to cost you?

What If We…

If you want to scare yourself, take a few minutes and dig a little deeper into the Colonial pipeline case–the story is still unfolding, with things like BitDefender’s role in the disaster serving as eye-openers in terms of what to think about for your own operation. 

But if you want to put some control back into your backup plans, book 15 minutes with our CEO Cy. You can never underestimate the importance of a secure IT structure, which is why we rely on Salesforce in our tools, but being able to take the drone-level view of your supply chain and use our tools to test its resilience with multiple “what if” scenarios for what might go wrong and how to mitigate it? Priceless. 

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