Orchestral Maneuvers in the Light

It’s almost a cliche to think about orchestration in the arts: a tuxedoed maestro approaches an ornate music stand, draws a delicately pointed baton out of a starched jacket pocket, and gently taps it on top of the brushed metal to call the instruments in the pit together to play a tune in perfect harmony. 

But what does orchestration look like in the business world, under fluorescent lighting and amid the gentle hum of hundreds of PCs buzzing more or less in harmony? How do you orchestrate something as nebulous as business units? It’s actually pretty easy, and ketteQ can show you how through the power of integrating data from multiple sources, then orchestrating them into a powerful symphony. Just imagine your executive team being able to make critical real-time decisions with the very latest information, along with how that information flows throughout the rest of your operation!

Come Together…Right Now

Orchestration in your business is not all that different from our musical example above: your conductor still needs to coordinate multiple, disparate parts of the pit, only the woodwind section might be made up of customers, the brass section of sales, the strings of supply chain. These moving parts need to somehow synchronize to produce something beyond a cacophony of cat cries, but finding the unicorn who can seamlessly weave them together is close to impossible, so what to do?? 

Because it’s impossible for humans to flawlessly and tirelessly connect every dot everywhere, ketteQ’s hyper-connected, hyper-automated data integration solutions offer the perfect answer, helping you to orchestrate and synchronize across functions, organizations, systems, AND data. Even previously unthinkably difficult tasks like change management no longer need to be a headache.

Calm from Chaos

Seem too good to be true? At a recent roundtable, the head of a small company described how chaotic it was for him pretty much all the time until he met with ketteQ to help him sort through his orchestration woes–the uncertainty in shipping, not knowing how to mitigate any of the risks in his supply chain, the general sense of open questions surrounding his whole operation.

ketteQ helped him become more proactive by setting up an automated framework that used analytics to raise certain flags that would alert humans in the loop. He went from discovering problems days into them to anticipating and solving for them before they even started. Suddenly, his brass section was in tune with the strings, percussion was in time with the woodwinds, and a cacophony turned into a symphony.

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