Ground Control (Tower) to Major Tom

The concept of an air traffic control tower is a fairly easy one to grasp–skilled operators at the airport monitor the planes in the sky, the planes queued up on the ground, local and distant wind and weather conditions, and myriad other factors as they guide aircraft queued up to land and take off in a particular order that maximizes efficiency (and safety!) for everyone involved. 

ketteQ takes this concept further by integrating both AI and ML with the typical system dashboard concept, wherein the dashboard user sees and is able to manipulate data with the different factors that affect all sorts of parts business planning, from sales to ROI to supply and so on. Ready to get your spacesuit on?

How does the Control Tower work?

More than just serving as a visual overview tool, the Control Tower lets executives and decision-makers combine integration, orchestration, visibility, analytics and automation in a way that lets you play through multiple “what if?” scenarios and different use cases in a more predictive way. The secret sauce, though, is the way the ketteQ Control Tower deploys real-time system alerts, enabling teams to make in-the-moment decisions and resolve issues before they happen.

Using the Control Tower’s tools, you can:

  • Reconcile and integrate data across multiple systems in real time
  • Organize cross-functional alignment and collaboration
  • Anticipate problems before they happen and offer the actions to solve them
  • Perform root-cause analysis via drill-down dashboards
  • Analyze supply chain performance more frequently for timely course correction

You can also use the Control Tower to align multiple facets of the organization–from sales to marketing to finance to suppliers to transportation to anything else in the supply chain flow–and then start moving levers around to see what happens when they want to invest resources in one area or take them away from another. Through configurable alerts and easy-to-use dashboards, organizations can customize a clear view of trends and predictions. 

What’s in it for the C Suite?

You aren’t wrong, supply chain control towers have been around for a long time, but they aren’t exactly modern or fully using modern tools, so it’s well past the time yours entered this century instead of languishing in the past. If you want to optimize your supply chain process, ketteQ’s Control Tower is the easiest and best tool for seeing the entire picture, integrating sales opportunities and order history with inventory, and reviewing production capacity with all the relevant information that touches it for real-time visibility into the past, present, and future. 

Aren’t you tired of living in the past? If you want to plan for today with a goal of also thriving in the future, you’re going to need intelligent scenario mapping that lets you see all the possible impacts. Think of it as seeing around the corner through any lens you choose. Commencing countdown, engines on!

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