Exceptional Speed-To-Value and Customization Drives Belcampo’s Selection of ketteQ to Modernize Their Supply Chain Planning System


May 26, 2021

Belcampo has deployed ketteQ to move their Supply Chain planning process from manual to a cloud-based platform with maximum cross-channel visibility. Based on the cost and speed to market, ketteQ was a no brainer.  The consulting firm hired to evaluate supply chain options shared they were initially evaluating a ‘build from scratch’ solution that would enable the brand to realize hyper-growth, however, a from-scratch solution would have taken 16 months to launch with a price tag of $1,000,000 – which for a scaling company was out-of-budget.

Lightning-fast customization and integration!  In under three months from engagement to launch the ketteQ team worked hand-in-hand with Belcampo to translate the business needs into a customized supply chain demand and replenishment planning platform.  This was far more complex than it sounds as Belcampo required a unique reverse BOM that translates individual cuts of meat into a full-animal equivalent – a critical statistic for the brand to be able to effectively manage their purchasing process. 

And the Belcampo team couldn’t be happier.  “Belcampo was founded with a purpose: to create meat that’s good for people, planet and animals. As we executed upon our mission and began expanding into other consumer-facing channels such as e-commerce, we realized we lacked the systems to support our supply chain forecasting and replenishment process.   Our teams were working in silos and often storing data in Excel – creating data integrity issues and a lack of visibility across departments.  We were searching for a single source of truth,” said Justina Hughes, Supply Chain Planning Manager, Belcampo.

Justina continued, “Through ketteQ’s hyper-connected data integration and predictive analytics tools, we finally have end-to-end supply chain visibility!  Our demand and replenishment process is now being aligned with real demand, helping to reduce waste in our supply chain and thereby reduce negative impacts on the environment.  ketteQ was the only digital supply chain solution able to be customized to our unique unit measurements and that is enabling Belcampo to sustainably grow our business in alignment with our values and mission.”

Belcampo was impressed with ketteQ team’s depth of knowledge and experience in supply chain management.  

About ketteQ

ketteQ is dedicated to building a new paradigm for Supply Chain planning and operations.  Built by experts in supply chain operations, finance, sales and marketing, no one understands the business challenges better.  Built on Salesforce with strengths in security, scalability and configurability, ketteQ offers supply chain organizations extended capabilities to fill in the gaps left by legacy systems. www.ketteq.com

About Belcampo

Belcampo is the pioneer of hyper-sustainable, Certified Organic, 100% grass-fed, Certified Humane, pasture-raised meats, broths, and jerky, with a mission to revolutionize the meat industry for the wellbeing of people, the planet and animals. Belcampo is a climate positive company, with carbon sequestration (removal of CO2 from the atmosphere) from its regenerative farming and grazing practices exceeding the carbon emissions from its operations and supply chain as calculated per The GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. Belcampo beef, poultry, pork and lamb products are available online, in select retailers, and in its restaurants and butcher shops. For more information, visit www.belcampo.com or connect on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

For further information:  Please contact ketteQ at 470.795.9689, info@ketteq.com, visit ketteQ.com or connect on LinkedIn

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