About Us

ketteQ is a technology company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and focused on creating a new paradigm for planning and operations – beginning with Demand Optimization. Our suite of microservices offers incremental improvements to simply fill in the gaps of legacy systems, or upgrade to a fully integrated and automated sales and operations planning platform built on Salesforce.

Founded, developed and supported by successful sales, finance and supply chain experts, ketteQ is creating a new normal for businesses by streamlining the flow of information between organizational functions.


Cy Smith


Cy graduated from Georgia Tech and has spent 30 years in telecommunications, technology, data analytics, supply chain and in the finance space. He has created and managed two companies through exponential growth prior to exiting, making the Inc. 5,000 twice. Prior to becoming CEO at ketteQ, Cy is the former founder, president and CEO of AirSage, the largest provider of consumer locations and population movement intelligence in the U.S.

Karim Barkawi


As the CEO and Founder of the Barkawi Group, Karim Barkawi has a history of blazing a trail of success for his clients. Established over 25 years ago, The Barkawi Group is a network of companies dedicated to helping clients achieve supply chain and after-sales success. With over 1,200 supply chain professionals in 20 locations across the globe, The Barkawi Group has worked with clients in industries ranging from automotive to pharmaceutical and renewable energy. Karim grew up in Germany, Egypt and the US. He graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering.


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